Zinc Metal Spraying

Zinc metal spraying from Universal Applied Coatings Ltd

Zinc metal spraying is a technique where a layer of non-ferrous, thermally sprayed zinc is applied over a ferous metal, such as steel or iron, helping to protect the surface from rust and corrosion. The zinc metal coating is effective as soon as it has been applied, as it cools quickly and leaves the surface with a hard fresh coating. 
Universal Applied Coatings Ltd offers zinc metal spraying as an effective base coat for a range of products, from either domestic, commercial or industrial customers, and will leave the surface prepared for other treatments. 
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Zinc metal spraying
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Improve and protect your ferrous metal surfaces with zinc metal spraying from Universal Applied Coatings Ltd, based in Crawley.
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base coat for your ferrous metal surface

The perfect base coat for your ferrous metal surface

  • Protects and greatly extends the products life
  • Helps prevent rust and corrosion
  • Chances of heat distortion and damage is rare
  • All our operatives have attended Metallisation school of thermal spraying technology, with certification to prove
  • Aluminium metal spraying is also available on request
Combined with a polyurethane paint system, zinc metal spraying provides complete anti-corrosion protection.
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