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Shot blasting is an efficient and cost effective method of cleaning, stripping metals back to a fresh surface. By directing a high-powered stream of steel particles on to the surface, shot blasting will leave your surface perfectly prepared for finishing, removing any existing layers of dirt, paint or rust.
Universal Applied Coatings Ltd, based in Crawley, work with customers from a range of different industrial and commercial industries across West Sussex, including the automotive industry and the construction industry.
To find out more about shot blasting and how we can help you, contact one of our team.
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Shot blasting
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Efficiently strip and clean your surface of dirt, paint or rust with professional, cost effective shot blasting from Universal Applied Coatings Ltd.
Based in Crawley, we're happy to serve customers across West Sussex.

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Shot blasting mechanical metal parts

Shot blasting from Universal Applied Coatings Ltd

With years of experience and a highly skilled and qualified team of experts on hand, Universal Applied Coatings Ltd, should be your first choice for shot blasting in the West Sussex area.
  • The blasting room can accommodate structures up to 8m x 3m x 2.5m
  • The blasting media in general use is G12 and G17, chilled iron grit
  • The media can be changed to Ali Oxide for non ferrous metal work,
  • All blasting media is cleaned through a Tilman extraction plant.

Once your surface has been shot blasted, take advantage of our powder coating service and give your surface a perfect high-quality finish.
Powder coating
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