Powder Coating

Powder coating for a professional finish

Powder coating is a method used for giving a surface a tough and long lasting finish. A dry powder is applied to the surface which is then heated into a protective layer.
Powder coating is an extremely versatile and cost effective method of finishing and can be applied to all types of metals. Universal Applied Coatings Ltd can powder coat any metal objects, from domestic objects such as garden frames and bike frames, to large industrial machinery and equipment.
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Powder coating
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Universal Applied Coatings Ltd, Crawley, offer professional powder coating giving your objects and surfaces a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. 
From domestic to industrial customers, we are happy to travel across West Sussex.

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Power coated metalwork

Why choose a powder coating finish?

The material used is a polyester powder coating (PPC) giving a protective layer as a finished coat, preventing damage caused by ongoing wear or exposure to the elements.
Powder coating can be used for indoor or outdoor objects such as Balustrades etc, and can be obtained in a wide range of colours and gloss levels. 

Universal Applied Coatings Ltd are able to coat big structures in large ovens, as well as small items and large batch work, which cure through a continuous chain driven tunnel oven.
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